Author, Teacher, Yoga Retreat Leader Enicia Fisher Helps People Find Peace & Happiness

Hi, I’m Enicia Fisher. I love to create experiences that bring people together in an inspired, heartfelt journey of personal growth and transformation through the healing power of yoga, meditation, nature, and expressive arts.

A teacher by profession, I discovered yoga in 2000 and began teaching yoga in 2005 to share what has enriched my life in so many ways. After a lifetime of studying metaphysics, yoga brought me home to my body and introduced me to a life-affirming philosophy of ancient wisdom that embraces all aspects of being.

Since yoga offers so much more than a physical practice, I find great joy in sharing the depth of yoga as a way of life by creating workshops, retreats, and gatherings that take participants on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

I first visited Tulum in 2013, and I felt a deep and abiding connection to the natural and spiritual energies of Tulum right away. This is the fifth yoga retreat I will lead in Tulum. During the past year, I visited Tulum four times and spent two months also volunteering at a nearby Mayan Village school. With this retreat, I confidently offer what I consider to be the best possible experience of a yoga retreat and of the magic of Tulum.

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