All people should Feel Safe, Heard, and Loved and Know Anything You Dream About Is Possible!

Hello my name is Rita Paulino and I want people to know just how unique, valued and special they are. For many years I felt like I didn’t have a voice, what I wanted was overrode by what others thought was right for me. I’m happy to say that’s all changed! Thank God (who ever God is for you).

I’ve been a hairdresser for just about 40 years and I’m excited to say I am pivoting into a completely different business. I am starting with a line of sauces. (This is just the beginning for me, I have so many dreams.)

Running a business is totally new for me and so far out of my comfort zone! I enjoy cooking, feeding, and entertaining people. I’m taking this leap of faith, trusting in God, Myself and The Process!

I started to search for who I really was. In 2006, I enrolled in The Landmark Forum. I studied with that organization for 2 years. I never stopped searching. I then went on to books and seminars to find out who I am and why I acted and reacted to situations the way I did! I truly enjoyed getting to know who I am.

During my journey, I came across Bob Proctor videos in October 2016. his words reignited my passion for my new venture. he said, “Dream big and don’t worry about the how.” And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I started this sauce business six years ago and it did not fly. Why? Because I was doing it alone. Nope, that didn’t work.

I had the honor to go see Bob Proctor at Carnegie Hall in November 2016 and that event truly changed my life! I met and worked with five amazing coaches: Koby Benvenisti, Julie Jones Hamilton, Patricia Barnett, Marilyn Macha, and Lynn Kitchen. I am happy and proud to call those beautiful people my friends.

In January 2017 through my coaches, I met Berny Dorhmann. I went to his amazing business conference CEO Space in March of 2017. There I met some amazing people including Adam Markel, Barbara Loraine, and Jeanette Joy Fisher. By taking all these leaps of faith, and may I add without any money, all on credit cards. I’m not a foolish spender. I just knew every step I was taking was leading my closer to my dream!

I’m grateful I made the investment in who I am and who I’m becoming! This is possible for anyone with a clear vision, faith and trust in God or something bigger than you, and when you allow the process to unfold, magic happens. Anything is possible and I am living proof of that. I am blessed and so excited for this journey and for the many people I want to help and inspire along the way!

God Bless